Help: can't rebuild binutils

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Sep 15 19:05:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > This didn't give me quite what I expected, but I think it did lead me to 
  > the answer.  The major size differences are in $GDB_DEBUG$, 
  > $GDB_STRINGS$, and $GDB_SYMBOLS$; I noticed that libgcc.a is over 6 
  > times bigger for the second build (the one that used binutils) - I then 
  > remembered that during the first build, it printed a bunch of messages 
  > that -g was only valid when using gas.  So I guess the difference is 
  > debugging info in libgcc.
Yup.  In general when you see a size increase of the order you mentioned
it's usually debugging symbol related.

  > Is libgcc normally just a static library? 
Yes.  Even iwth --enable-shared it is a static library.

Consider what happens if it was a shared library, then you linked
programs against it, then upgraded to another version of gcc and
deleted teh old version of gcc.

Blam, all your programs stop working.


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