Q: egcs & kernal v.2.0.XX (2.0.35) compilation

Sandris LACIS lacis@unice.fr
Tue Sep 15 14:14:00 GMT 1998

  it is already mentioned in FAQ:
Q18.Problems building Linux kernels
If you have tried to build a 2.0.xx kernel for Intel machines with EGCS,
then you are on your own. The 2.0.xx kernels are to be built
only with gcc-2.7.2. They use certain asm constructs which are
incorrect, but (by accident) happen to work with gcc-2.7.2.
What is the present state? I have installed Slackware 3.5, shipped with
I have compiled 2.0.35 kernel, it was functioning, except some small
with my Fortran code.
When I have tried to build EGCS, it was OK, except that PC has
completely stopped during

Then I removed egcs, took gcc- from Slackware-3.4 compiled
2.0.35 kernel, compiled EGCS, run tests,
get expected results, installed EGCS. No problems.

What should I expect in future? Compile 2.0.XX kernels with
gcc- ??? I am interested in stable products to do my research
calculations, so development kernels 2.1.XX are not for me (am I

my best regards

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