No Fortran

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Sep 15 01:05:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > I'm still not entirely sure that we should avoid building libg2c
  > even when `f77' is not in the list of languages.  Do we avoid
  > building the C++ libraries when "c++" isn't in that list?
For C++ it is critical that we not build them if C++ isn't in
LANGUAGES.  Why, because some of the code is written in C++.

Worse yet, if we didn't build C++ ourselves, then autoconf might
find a random copy of g++ lying around on the system.  Instead of
failing loudly it might silently use g++-2.7 or something bad like
that :-)

This kind of problem is much less severe for runtimes that are
written in C like libf2c and libchill since C code is rarely
incompatible between releases.


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