No Fortran

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Sep 15 00:55:00 GMT 1998

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t>you write:
  > On Sat, 12 Sep 1998, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
  > >> libf2 [...] ? I've been wondering why we compile that for "c c++", too.
  > >> Would a patch that only builds libf2c if "g77" is built as well be 
  > >> accepted?
  > > Yes it would, though I thought we had already fixed this once.
  > Nope, this was for gcc/f only, as far as I can see.

I wonder if we could detect the existance of gcc/f771 in the toplevel
configure scripts and refuse to configure/build libf2c in that case.
Similarly for libchill, the C++ libs and libobjc (soon).


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