more cross compilation trouble

Paul Forgey
Mon Sep 14 19:57:00 GMT 1998

After upgrading to egcs 1.1b, I wanted to re-build 1.0.3a using a different
prefix so our older code may still be built with the same compiler.

It seems that since I upgraded to binutils 2.9.1, I can no longer build a
cross compiler for 1.0.3a from sparc-sun-solaris2.6 to i586-linuxlibc1.

I have the cross binutils 2.9.1, named i586-linuxlibc1-*, and they are in my
path.  The last time I successfully built a cross compiler, I got past the
'you must find a way to build libgcc1.a' problem by supplying the libgcc1.a
from an actual i586-linuxlibc1 box.  Now, this stage of the build
apparently, for some bizarre reason, uses the sparc as and NOT the cross as!

I know this can happen if the appropriately named binutils are not in the
path, but such is not the case this time.

ANY ideas?  Thanks..

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