Problem with egcs? Not sure.

Philip Blundell
Mon Sep 14 14:04:00 GMT 1998

>      if (ret == CDO && e_sv_window(xa+n, ya, &num, *df, f) == WPE_CR)
>          strcpy(str, (*df)->name[num]);  /* <-- ERROR HAPPENS HERE */

>Any ideas? I'm on a i486DX4/100, running Linux 2.1.121, using

It may be a problem with the inline strcpy() implementation in glibc.  You 
should always give the preprocessed code (gcc -E) rather than the original 
source, otherwise we can only guess what your headers are doing.  Glibc 2.0.94 
is an alpha-test version in any case so it would be a good idea to eliminate 
that from the equation.

> I talked to the author, and he tells me that this compiles just fine
> with gcc- *and* egcs-1.0.2.  

Have you verified that it works with either of these two compilers on your 


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