egcs 1.1b on sparc solaris2.5.1

Jean-Michel Paris
Mon Sep 14 11:13:00 GMT 1998

Rafie, Yasir A. wrote:

> I've decided to move to egcs 1.1b on a sparc solaris 2.5.1.
> I'm wondering if I should install the gnu binutils or rely on the
> system as and ld etc.

I've just had this problem a few days ago. Indeed, you can't use the
native ld. Because
you rapidly reach the max STAB size entry during a linking.
So I've installed binutils-2.9.1, thus egcs-1.1a. Now all works fine &
quickly !

> If I do need to build gnu binutils, It seems that I can untar the
> binutils tar file under the egcs1.1b source tree.
> I need to confirm how to do this and where to put it.

I didn't try that. I made two separate installations.

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