Dave P
Sun Sep 13 20:59:00 GMT 1998

  thanks for the quick response. I've another question.
I'm trying to get it right. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.
1. suppose my srcdir = /usr/local/src/ecgs,
can my objdir be something like /tmp/obj or /usr/local/obj ?
2. (kinda OT)I couldn't find gperf package in RH Linux 5.1 w/ kernel
2.0.35. I found one from gnu's ftp site, but it's not even listed on
gnu website. Should I download and install it, or is it already
included somewhere else ?
3. what is the --enable-shared option mean? On the configure.html
page, it says that --enable-shared build shared versions of the C++
runtime libraries if supported. Does that refer to sharing the C++
runtime libraries with other compiler? Can you explain it a bit more?



---Jeffrey A Law <> wrote:
> Red Hat already uses gas and gld, so you do not need to specify them
> on the configure line.
> I'd also avoid --with-stabs -- let gcc select whatever debug symbols
> it prefers for your system.
> jeff

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