Problem with egcs? Not sure.

Alex Buell
Sun Sep 13 20:52:00 GMT 1998

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Philip Blundell wrote:

> It may be a problem with the inline strcpy() implementation in glibc.  You 
> should always give the preprocessed code (gcc -E) rather than the original 
> source, otherwise we can only guess what your headers are doing.  Glibc 2.0.94 
> is an alpha-test version in any case so it would be a good idea to eliminate 
> that from the equation.

I had exactly this problem with Lynx-2.8rel1 ages ago, in that case, it
was the optimization interaction between the compiler and the glibc-2.0.94
strcpy macro stuff. So, I just removed the -O2 parameter and we_wind.c now

I am now certain that glibc-2.0.94 is the problem here. When I ran
we_wind.c through the -E preprocessor, I got some weird-ass strcpy macros
all over the place at the problem line (line 1290) that covered a whole
page. Guess I'd better go bug the glibc boys :o) 

Thanks for the input, Philip. The compilier almost certainly isn't the
problem here.

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