Site of distribution of the binary of EGCS 1.1 for mingw32

Antonio Mendes de Oliveira Neto
Sun Sep 13 13:49:00 GMT 1998

In 10 Sep 1998, Stephen L Arnold wrotes:

> How big is it? (I only have 5 megs of space)
Now, something around 8,5MB
I am working in a private project (it would like help) for fittings in the
files of headers and libraries of the mingw32 doing with that he works without
problems with DirectX (so much in C and C++), as soon as this be finished, I
will begin the fittings for OLE, ActiveX etc.
I will be publishing my works in mine home-page as soon as it is stable. I try
to be based in codes sources supplied with DX5SDK, MSSDK, compiling them and
making fittings in the files of headers and creating libraries (if like this
to need).

>Did you need a link on my page, or just an anonymous ftp address?
A link in its page for mine would be very good, my address is
" ", order me its address
and of other pages on C that to judge interesting so that I cannot you place
it in my links section.
It would also like an anonymous FTP for my files. I tried to separate the
files to facilitate the people's download with connection of low speed and
also to facilitate my Upload (as she falls connection of FTP for here the

I believe that with a work together, this compiler will be a great option for
any work type in ambient Windows.

Antonio Mendes de Oliveira Neto (new e-mail address:

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