Problem with pointer to shadowed member with namespaces

Alexandre Oliva
Fri Sep 11 20:33:00 GMT 1998

Phil Blecker <> writes:

> 	struct OID { int i; }; void g(OID *o);
> 	namespace n1 { struct N1 { OID o; }; }
> 	namespace n2 { struct N2 : n1::N1 { OID o; void f(); }; }
> 	using namespace n2;
>	void N2::f() { g(&N1::o); }

> How does one properly refer to the o in n1::N1 in a member of n2::N2?

Enclosing N1::o between parentheses should have worked, because, in
pointer-to-member expressions, there must not be parentheses enclosing 
the qualified name.  Unfortunately, it does not work, and g++ creates
a pointer to member anyway...

Here are two working alternatives I can think of:

        N1 *this1 = this; g(&this1->o);

The problem seems to be in qualified name lookup, because:

	OID& o_ref = N1::o;

prints: In method `void ::n2::N2::f()': warning: initializing non-const `OID &' with `OID ::n1::N1::*' will use a temporary

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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