Performance of egcs-1.0.3 vs egcs-1.1

Gerald Pfeifer
Fri Sep 11 20:33:00 GMT 1998

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
> A while ago Richard Henderson posted some performance numbers for
> egcs-1.0.3 vs the egcs-1.1 release on the Alpha.

While there was just another discouraging report with regard to floating
point on Alpha today, for dlv (a local AI project) with integer code only
we had a nice performance increase from 1.0.3a to 1.1 on sparc-sun-solaris.

All tests were performed an an Ultra1/143 and while dlv is just a single
binary, the three tests exercise different parts of the system.

   dlv    |  1.0.3   1.1     mainbranch-2weeks-ago
   test1  |  1:06    1:03    1:02
   test2  |  1:30    1:24    1:22
   test3  |  3:19    2:51    2:42

Not that bad...

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)      Vienna University of Technology

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