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Joe Buck
Fri Sep 11 15:08:00 GMT 1998

> >>>>> (Mike Stump):
> >   You may reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute and sell
> >   the Software provided you grant any party that receives such a work
> >   the right to license it under the terms of this license. In the case
> >   of a work which is a compilation, only those component works which are
> >   derivative works of the Software need to be licensed to third parties
> >   under the terms of this license.
> > if I understand the term cumulative.
> Umm... is subclassing a "derivative work"? Or is that explicitly
> disclaimed in another place?

Sigh.  If you link other code to the library, the linked code is a
derivative work.  Whoever wrote this seems to think that only a modified
file is a derivative work.

"Derivative work" has nothing to do with derivation in the sense of O-O
languages.  Any work that contains nontrivial portions of another work
is a derivative work, with a fuzzy "fair use" exception.

I can't see any significant difference between 2.2 and the GPL.

The GPL was written with the advice of lawyers.  Amateurs should not be in
the business of writing new licenses (other than, say, adding a short
exception to the GPL).  It is a recipe for disaster.

If SGI wants to share this library, perhaps they can donate the legal
advice.  They have lawyers on staff.

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