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Mike Stump
Thu Sep 10 19:39:00 GMT 1998

> To: (Mike Stump),
> From: Jason Merrill <>
> Date: 10 Sep 1998 15:53:23 -0700

>  > Did you review libgcc's copyright for consideration?  Why doesn't is
>  > work?

> Because we want SGI to be able to use the new library, too.

/* As a special exception, if you link this library with other files,
   to produce an executable, this library does not by itself cause the
   resulting executable to be covered by the GNU General Public
   License.  This exception does not however invalidate any other
   reasons why the executable file might be covered by the GNU General
   Public License.  */

That's the removal of 7 words that don't fit, seems easy and straight
forward.  Any problems with this?

If you want me to start listing the problems I see with the license, I
can, but I fear I may miss miss a few...

1.   Cannot resell Software, except for Runtime_Object_Code.

2.   Cannot reproduce, prepare derivative works of, or distribute
     Software, except for Runtime_Source_code and Runtime_Object_Code.

3.   Cannot provide software that `provides essentially the same
     functionality as the designated functionaltiy of the Software' in
     `work that is a compilation' that includes Runtime_Source_Code
     when that software isn't a `derivative work on the Software'.

4.  Cannot disassemble Runtime_Object_code, cannot transfer that right
    to third parties.  Ditto for all the other rights that go with

What's the point of 3?  There was a purpose, but I missed that

Why not disclaim ownership of the Runtime_Object_Code?  That solves my
point 4.

What rights are reserved to the Licensors other than those that are
disclaimed in 2.1?

Hate to be paranoid or overly cautious, but this is one of the problems
with a totally new license that nobody has any experience with.

Possible fixes for 1, 2 and 3:


  You may reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute and sell
  the Software provided you grant any party that receives such a work
  the right to license it under the terms of this license. In the case
  of a work which is a compilation, only those component works which are
  derivative works of the Software need to be licensed to third parties
  under the terms of this license.

if I understand the term cumulative.

For 4, the only fix I can see is just a simple disclaiming of
ownership, or maybe a list of what rights you want to reserve, and a
disclaimers of all other rights.  A complete list of possible rights I
think is just error prone.

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