QNX port of egcs/binutils?

Alex Buell alex.buell@tahallah.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 10 19:06:00 GMT 1998

Hi guys,

I've just had an interesting conversation with a guy in Canada about
support for QNX. 

He initally wanted some information on writing assembler in QNX using
Watcom C/C++'s WASM - I told him that there wasn't much information on
that floating around the net. 

I suggested that he look at using egcs with binutils on QNX. This is the
real crux of the problem - I do not know if QNX is a supported platform.
He uses QNX4. I believe the binary format for that system is OMF, not ELF.
I'd like to be able to tell him that yes, one can take binutils and egcs
and build them for QNX-OMF(or whatever?) 

There is however a variant of gcc (but it is an older version - gcc 2.8.0
which we all know is fairly buggy), but it still depends on Watcom C/C++'s
wlinker for that OMF stuff. I personally think it would have that
'coolness' factor for egcs/binutils to do all that itself without
depending on external stuff like Watcom's linker et. al. 

Any clues or answers would be appreciated, guys. 

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