AIX 4.1 shared library support, egcs1.1b

Klaus Wiehler
Thu Sep 10 03:53:00 GMT 1998

Hi out there,

I have still not managed to build a simple shared library.
(actually I'm trying to build a shared kde tool kit...)

g++ -c function.c                   (containing a dummy function)
g++ -shared -o libtest.a function.o  (.. this should produce a shared

g++ -c                      (calling the dummy)
g++ -o test main.o -L$cwd -ltest

will compile but is complaining at run time:
 0509-037 System error - error data is: test
 0509-022 Cannot load library ..
 0509-026 System error: The file access permissions do not allow the
specified action.

BTW gcc 2.7.2 is producing a shared lib which can be loaded!
also dump -H produces a "good" result - I really don't know what's going

keep movin'

I browsed already the mailing lists but didn't find any solution which

Klaus Wiehler,
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