egcs-1.1b on sco-3.2v5.0.4 gcc/pic/libgcc.a with mixed COFF and ELF files?

Jason Merrill
Thu Sep 10 02:52:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> H J Lu <> writes:

 >> The Makefiles go to a considerable amount of effort to be sure that
 >> libgcc1 components are _not_ built by the compiler being built.  In the
 >> OpenServer case with native cc, t his means libgcc1 is COFF.  This sure
 >> looks intentional to me.

 > FWIW, guess what native compiler is used to compile libgcc1
 > Linux/x86.

No compiler.  From config/t-linux:

# Do not build libgcc1. Let gcc generate those functions. The GNU/Linux
# C library can handle them.


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