numeric_limits problem

Mike Stump
Wed Sep 9 05:52:00 GMT 1998

> Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 22:03:49 +0200 (MET DST)
> From: Iztok Polanic <>

> On Sun, 6 Sep 1998, Sol Foster wrote:

> 1. How far is it to the ANSI/ISO compliant?

Yes, exactly compliant, except for a few bugs and maybe an
unimplemented feature or two.  No, we don't have a list of
unimplemented features nor a list of bugs, save for various archives
of this list and maybe bug-g++...

> 2. I know about those extensions, but I was compiling with a compiler that
> isn't ANSI/ISO compliant.

Or maybe you were compiling with a compiler with either a bug, or you
didn't compile with -ansi -pedantic-errors.

Or, put another way, there are just bad questions, though people do
seem to like them.  They are opinions, nothing more, and as opinions,
they aren't too useful to talk about.  Tell me your opinion about what
ANSI/ISO compliance is, and I can tell you if we are there yet.  If
your definition is less than 100 bugs, then no, g++ isn't there yet.

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