Warnings in the C++ Front-End and GCC in General

Richard Hadsell hadsell@blueskystudios.com
Wed Sep 9 05:52:00 GMT 1998

Mark Mitchell wrote:
> I suspect that those who object on these grounds would budge, if they
> are persuaded that the ability to selectively enable/disable warnings
> in particular sections of source code is sufficiently important to the
> user base.

I was very pleased to notice the suggestion to identify warning messages
and allow users to selectively disable them for specific source code.  I
have to deal with so much code on a variety of platforms that I like to
enable all warnings whenever I can.  Using SGI's C++ and DEC's C++ I can
disable warnings that appear as a result of system or vendor headers,
over which I have no control.

Please, EGCS folks, consider at least the command-line options to
disable individual messages.  They would be infinitely easier for me to
deal with than the current disabling by category.  I know exactly which
message to disable, and I don't want to disable any others, if I don't
have to.

Perhaps the #pragma stuff is too much trouble to implement, so I'm not
pushing for it.

I also don't think that assigning a number to each message is a big
problem for your developers.  A simple registry is all that you need. 
It has another benefit in making it a lot easier for you to locate the
code that emits the message.  The biggest problem is just the initial
effort to add numbers to all the current messages.

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