g++ failures --> libstdc++.so.2.9.0 ?

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Wed Sep 9 01:24:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 199809080640.CAA16652@Titan.net >you write:
  > I have trying to locate libstdc++.so.2.9.0 and I could not find
  > where I would have expected it, that is in /usr/local/lib.  In fact,
  > I only see older version libstdc++.so.2.8.0 in /usr/lib that was
  > already there before I tried to build egcs-1.1b.  I believe that
  > this is the source of my problem.  Any obvious reason why
  > libstdc++.so.2.9.0 did not get installed through a standard
  > installation?
  > I posted earlier my results for the installation of egcs on a Redhat
  > 5.0 with glibc-2.0.7 and dejagnu-980528.  Since I have not seen my
  > message I will repost it:
A "make install" should have installed libstdc++-2.9.  However if will
install an *archive* version of the library unless you configured
with --enable-shared.

And many systems will prefer a shared library over an archive library
at link time.


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