Warnings in the C++ Front-End and GCC in General

Per Bothner bothner@cygnus.com
Tue Sep 8 13:05:00 GMT 1998

> I don't understand this comment.  Sometimes, one must use source for
> which one does not have write access.

I meant using sed (or something similar) on the stream of output messages.

> Foundry is not free software, IIRC.  Not everyone uses emacs.

Foundry and Emacs compile mode were meant as two examples of Gcc
front-ends where one could reasonably add an error message filter.

My point is that most people with lange projects who want to suppress
specific messages would probably prefer to use from front-end tool
to control which messages to suppress, in which case it may make
sense to have the same front-end also be responsible for actully
doing the filtering.

> For example, g++ sometimes issues multi-line messages where the first
> line uses one message, and subsequent lines use another.

This is a bug.  We really need to have a convention for multi-line
error messages so that we (and emacs compile mode) can reliably and
unambiguously distinguish between the first line of a message and
subsequent messages.

> In summary, it's my opinion that the functionality I proposed is not
> available as a simple gettext extension.

I can go along with that, but it seems like the two features (controlling
suppressing of messages, replacing some messages by a translation)
are rather similar, and should both be handled using the same general
framework, rather than two separate frameworks.

	--Per Bothner
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