Warnings in the C++ Front-End and GCC in General

Per Bothner bothner@cygnus.com
Tue Sep 8 13:05:00 GMT 1998

> Mark's facility is really for people who get hundreds of identical
> warnings, and want to shut up all of them.

Tell me again why this can't be done using sed, or an IDE
(Cygnus provides Foundry), or an Emacs compile mode tweak?

In any case, GNU has a standard framework (gettext?) for
internationalizing messages.  Gcc is being converted to use
that.  I think any error message catalog facility that does
not build on the existing GNU standards is just not in the
running.  (You would have to convince a lot of people that
the existing framework is badly flawed, and you can provide
something better where the gains outweigh the pains.)

Instead, what we might consider is gettext extension so a user
can easily add a hook to suppress a specific message.  This
would be a variant of the hooks to allow the user to control
message catalog, but using a special magic "translation" of
(for example) "<<suppress message>>".

	--Per Bothner
Cygnus Solutions     bothner@cygnus.com     http://www.cygnus.com/~bothner

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