STL, warnings and segmentation faults

Roland Mas
Mon Sep 7 19:09:00 GMT 1998

  Hello everybody,

[I am quite new to this mailing list but I could not find the answer to my
question in the archives. Please forgive me if it is.]

  I installed egcs 1.0.3a, and later 1.1a, on a Red Hat 5.1 Linux PC. The
program I am making is a C++ program, using map<>'s and queue<>'s from the
STL. And I run into two problems:

1. At compile-time, I get many (*many*) warnings in <stl_deque.h>, speaking
about a comparison between signed and unsigned.
2. At run-time, I get a segmentation fault. gdb tells me it's in
<stl_tree.h>, at line:
    if (x.root() == 0) {
in the function:
operator=(const rb_tree<Key, Value, KeyOfValue, Compare, Alloc>& x) {

  So my questions are:
1. What did I do wrong? (./configure && make bootstrap && make install)
2. Is there a means to get the new STL from SGI working (it seems it needs
some patching to adapt to egcs)?
3. What shall I do now?

  Thanks in advance,

Roland Mas.
Les francophones m'appellent Roland Mas,
English speakers call me Rowlannd' Mass,
Nihongode hanasu hitoha [Lolando Masu] to iimasu.
Choisissez ! Take your pick ! Erande kudasai !

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