ADA frontend?

Jeffrey A Law
Mon Sep 7 14:39:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > On 6 Sep 1998, Samuel Tardieu wrote:
  > > IMO, but I couldn't find any reason to do this since cross-compiling
  > > with GCC (and GNAT) is really easy and needs to be done only once per
  > > platform.
  > The biggest problem on many "marginally supported" hosts is that the
  > binary for gnat gets out of date.  Isn't even the Linux x86 gnat 3.10p
  > binary suffering from this? 
Yup.  I found this out myself when I wanted to built Ada on my
i686-pc-linux-gnu box.  The provided binaries would not work.

Luckily I'm familiar enough with gcc that I could pick up the various
pieces I needed from the binary dist, combine them with my existing
glibc2 egcs build and make them work.  Thus avoiding have to build
ada as a cross compiler :-)


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