numeric_limits problem

Iztok Polanic
Sun Sep 6 17:36:00 GMT 1998

On Sun, 6 Sep 1998, Sol Foster wrote:

> Wrong and wrong.  First, egcs is striving for to be ANSI/ISO compliant, 
> it isn't nearly there yet.  Second, ISO compliant C++ does not have the .h
> extendsion on C++ header files.  Third, limits.h is the standard C limits
> header file, not a C++ header file.  Fourth, I don't think egcs has the
> standard C++ limits header file yet, whatever its name is.
1. How far is it to the ANSI/ISO compliant?
2. I know about those extensions, but I was compiling with a compiler that
isn't ANSI/ISO compliant.
3. OKI!
4. When will it have?
5. What compiler should I then use to compile this program?


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