Exceptions workaround for older systems that don't USE_COLLECT2

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Sun Sep 6 01:09:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 199809050209.TAA27108@daisy.css.sfu.ca >you write:
  > Received wisdom states that you're on a system that doesn't need
  > to ``USE_COLLECT2'', you should make sure you're running a recent
  > version of GNU ld if you want exception support to work (at least
  > if it's using __throw for exceptions).
  > However, under NEXTSTEP 3.3 one can't install a recent GNU ld,
  > because GNU ld doesn't support NEXTSTEP's object format. But,
  > because NEXTSTEP's ld is smart enough to grok constructors and
  > destructors, EGCS 1.1 (and every earlier release) isn't set to
  > ``USE_COLLECT2''. Net result: while static constructors and
  > destructors work fine, exceptions don't.
Seems to me we ought to enable collect2 on these systems.

Toon -- thoughts?


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