Sample directory structure

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Sep 6 01:09:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > > Could someone draw me a picture :-) ?
  > Without having actually tried, here's how I'd proceed:
  > - unpack egcs, to egcs-src
  > - unpack binutils. 
  >   mv bfd binutils gas gprof ld opcodes egcs-src 
  >   not_sure_what_todo_with config etc include libiberty texinfo
  >   #you certainly need the include stuff, the config stuff should be
  >   #identical. You probably copy those binutils directories over to
  >   #the egcs directory
  >   (see the toplevel Makefile for subdirectories that are supported)
  > - make a number of build directories, one for each target
  > - in egcs-hpux, do
  >   ./configure --prefix=/ecad/contrib
  >   make
  >   make install
Basically right.

The problem areas are config, include and all the toplevel files.

These are not likely to be the same between the binutils release and
the egcs releases.

Odds are you'd want the include tree from the binutils release,
libiberty from egcs, texinfo from either.  config from egcs and
the toplevel files from egcs.

For various reasons I do expect this to get simpler in the future.


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