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Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Sat Sep 5 21:16:00 GMT 1998

  In message < rzq67f2mr3t.fsf@djlvig.dl.ac.uk >you write:
  > >>>>> "Jeff" == Jeffrey A Law <law@cygnus.com> writes:
  >  Jeff> Yup.  It's actually not that bad.
  > Robert Lipe concluded otherwise, so I'd put the task aside...
Similarly until last night :-)  The chill runtime is pretty simple,
so I figured it was a good hunk of code to try and multilib.

  >  Jeff> You add a few lines of gunk to configure.in files so that it
  >  Jeff> can find the toplevel directory and to conditionally source
  >  Jeff> config-ml.in from the toplevel directory.
  >  Jeff> Then you wack on Makefile.in in the almost-obvious ways.  Took
  >  Jeff> about 30 minutes for chill to get all the bits close enough to
  >  Jeff> correct that I can't see obvious problems when I build/install
  >  Jeff> the chill runtime.
  > Can I have a bit more exact specification?  (That's the basic reason
  > it hasn't been done.)  What exactly does one have to end up with for
  > everything else to be happy?
See libchill/configure.in and search for the two hunks of code which
reference topsrcdir.  You'll need to add basically the same code to

In Makefile.in you need to define a handful of multilib variables:

# Multilib support variables.
MULTIDO = true

Then look for references to MULTIDO/MULTICLEAN in the various rules.

libf2c will be a little more complicated since it has subdirs.  But
then again, maybe you just need to make the toplevel libf2c stuff
multilib aware.  Dunno.


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