Questions regarding submittals

Mark Klein
Sat Sep 5 21:16:00 GMT 1998

I'm about to submit my changes to bfd, gas and egcs for my port of same
to the HP3000. However, before I do so, I have an ugly hack that I'd
like to discuss to see if maybe there is a better way to accomplish what
I need.

When doing an extract from a library on the HP3000, MPE requires that the
SOM Compilation Unit entries be filled in for each module, otherwise the
extract results in a object named UNNAMED.o. When extracting the various
tmplib*.a libraries to combine into libgcc.a, all the objects with the 
exception of the last object get lost as they keep overwriting UNNAMED.o.

The hack that I used is to create a new pseudo directive in gas called
.compiler that takes a string argument in order to update the Compilation
Unit for each module. I modified ASM_IDENTIFY_GCC to include this pseudo
directive. However, that also means I needed to include the directive in
gcc/config/pa/*.asm. For MPE and the HP3000, that's OK because gas is the
only assembler available there. However, on HP-UX it is possible to not 
use gas, and these directives would break that assembler.

Is there a better way to approach this in order to communicate the pertinent
information to gas in order to generate the SOM Compilation Unit records 
in BFD for MPE without breaking things elsewhere?

Thanks in advance,

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