K6 patches for review

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Sat Sep 5 20:30:00 GMT 1998

  In message <199808221346.JAA09718@pc.>you write:
  > Please comment.
  > This patch adds AMD K6 optimizations, based on AMD publication 21924B
  > for the K6-2.  I don't know if the K6 pipeline is significantly
  > different.  I have not run benchmarks yet.
They looked fine to me.  Note that John Wehle had some changes to
improve scheduling on Pentiums that needed minor updating and may
conflict with your patch.

I'd like to get both the Pentium improvements and your K6 stuff into
the tree.  I don't know your schedule for benchmarking this stuff
(presumably you'd want to do so before installing :-) and I don't
know John's schedule for updating his patch.  So it's hard to figure
out what to do next.

I also played with Haifa on my PPro a while back and was getting
reasonable results (not great, but better than the old scheduler).
So we might want to think about doing any necessary tuning for Haifa
and enabling haifa by default on the x86 machines.


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