egcs 1.1 error under Linux

Matthew Newhook
Sat Sep 5 20:30:00 GMT 1998

On Sat, Sep 05, 1998 at 11:24:45AM -0600, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
>   In message < >you write:
>   > I don't care how fast the machine is, compilations still take too damn
>   > long! Unless it's instantaneous then to me (and I'm sure most people)
>   > it took too long ;) So for development purposes, compilers should be
>   > as fast as possible.
> Then turn off the optimizer :-) :-)

Yeah, the optimizer was off... Does anyone else think that egcs 1.1a is
slower to compile under linux than egcs 1.0.3a? This is with

-g -fno-implicit-templates -Wall -Wno-return-type

> jeff

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