underflows, overflows, ... [on Alphas]

Joern Rennecke amylaar@cygnus.co.uk
Fri Sep 4 21:38:00 GMT 1998

> Doing this will at least require something called "multi-libbing"
> the version of libf2c shipped with egcs-g77.  I'm hoping we can
> accomplish this for egcs version 1.2.  Ideally we'd set it up so
> if you compiled with -mieee, any library calls in the generated code
> would automatically pick up the corresponding libf2c routines
> compiled with -mieee, but for now that sort of solution (used by at
> least some Fortran vendors, I believe) seems to be outside of
> the architectural scope of egcs.

At least for gcc, multilibbing already works in egcs.  Look for MULTILIB
in tm.texi for details.

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