Mark Mitchell
Fri Sep 4 17:33:00 GMT 1998

Occasionally, changes go into EGCS that surprise me.  (In good ways,
more often than bad!)  

One cause of this surprise is that some maintainers, and some Cygnus
employees, tend not to send patches to egcs-patches.  I'm not
suggesting that these exalted personages need approval for anything,
of course.  But, I bet some of us would like to see the patches that
go in, and egcs-patches is a convenient forum for that.  We might
sometimes even have a useful comment.

Would it be reasonable to ask that *all* patches (at least those not
of truly gargantuan size, like the addition of GCSE), be posted to
egcs-patches either before or shortly after they're checked in?

Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Consulting

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