egcs 1.1 diffs

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Sep 4 01:43:00 GMT 1998

  In message <Pine.LNX.4.02.9809032037520.9121-100000@saito>you write:
  > I applied to a full distribution egcs-1.0.3a the full diffs
  > egcs-1.0.3a-1.1a.diff.gz , downloaded from a egcs ftp mirror site 
  > ( ).
[ ... ]
  > There are only three references to /gcc/unprotoize.c in the diff, the two
  > others are related to .brik.
Found it.  The script choked on the special code to update unprotoize
when we changed from egcs-1.1 to egcs-1.1a.

egcs-1.1b will appear shortly :-)  The only change for 1.1b will be
the .diff files will properly recreate gcc/unprotoize.c


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