libg++-2_8_2-980731 failed make check on egcs-19980824 on rs

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Sep 3 05:16:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > libg++-2_8_2-980731 failed to complete the make check using
  > egcs-19980824 on rs6000-ibm-aix4.2.0.0
  > The make check failed in libg++/etc/lf with
  >     egcs-19980824.obj/gcc/include/curses.h:130: \
  >         abstract declarator used as declaration
  > when this was fixed the link failed with
  >     collect2: Library libtermcap not found  
  > Does libg++ assume GNU termcap?
  > The failure in curses.h is caused by a 'typedef int bool;' which isn't
  > guarded by __cplusplus as the successive 'typedef char bool;' and which
  > is used in the intervening function prototypes. Kludging around this gave t he
  > link failure with termcap.
  > Should the curses.h problem be fixed by fixincludes?
I believe curses.h needs to be fixed by fixincludes.

I believe "bool" is a reserved keyword for C++ and C (ISOC9X).  It
should not be used by header files.

Many systems had this problem.  If you look at regress.html you'll see
AIX (and others) as passing libg++ after fixing the curses.h botch.


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