libg++-2_8_2-980731 failed make check on egcs-19980824 on rs

Robert Lipe
Wed Sep 2 11:21:00 GMT 1998

> libg++-2_8_2-980731 failed to complete the make check using
> egcs-19980824 on rs6000-ibm-aix4.2.0.0

> Does libg++ assume GNU termcap?

It can be made to work with non-GNU termcap, but there seems to be
similar problems on at least three different hosts becuase the protos in
for some curses functions libg++ itself (grrr.) on require some fixups
on those targets. [ The other two were OpenServer and one of the BSD
brothers, as reported by Jeff. ]

We should decide if this is to be fixed by removing the protos from
libg++ or by "fixing" the system headers to match libg++'s idea of

> The failure in curses.h is caused by a 'typedef int bool;' which isn't
> guarded by __cplusplus as the successive 'typedef char bool;' and which
> is used in the intervening function prototypes. Kludging around this gave the
> link failure with termcap.
> Should the curses.h problem be fixed by fixincludes?

Again, this is at least the third host munched by this.

We should decide if this is to be fixed in fixincludes or if we're on
the edge of converting to fast-fixinc, if we should just throw the
switch and spend the effort there.

Once a direction is decided here, I'll fix at least the SCO targets in
question, but I'd rather not fix it three times.  (Once in libg++, once
in fixincludes, once in fastfixincludes.)


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