Release status

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Sep 2 01:50:00 GMT 1998

I've placed the tarballs in the release directory on the ftp server.

11 of our 29 mirrors do not have the new code yet.  Hopefully most
of them will pick up the release within the next 24hrs.

Has the current announcement.  I do not expect it to change significantly.

Depending on the state of the mirrors I'd like to announce egcs-1.1a
Sept 2nd or Sept 3rd.


I have also started a contributors page.  It is very rough.

If you have made contributions to the project (patches, testing, new
features bugfixes, web site improvements, etc), then make sure you're
on the page and that the information on the contributors page is
complete and accurate.  Any fixes/updates can be sent to me directly.

Thanks for all your hard work!


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