CVS question

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Sep 1 06:11:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 199809010123.DAA01867@jolan.ppro >you write:
  > This is a bug in CVS.
  > I wrote a patch for this, which is included in cvs-1.10.
  > So the best thing to do is to upgrade cvs (on cygnus) to 1.10.
  > Anyone at cygnus who can upgrade cvs please?
  > You can get it from:
Our last attempt to upgrade the server caused major connection
headaches for some folks.  So we've put it off to take care of
more important things like the egcs-1.1 release.

We'd like to try and update the server again, but not until after 1.1
is done and the dust has settled.

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