1.0.3 pre-release available

Michael Alan Dorman mdorman@law.miami.edu
Sun Apr 26 18:03:00 GMT 1998

Jeffrey A Law <law@cygnus.com> writes:
> There was a profiling problem and problems compiling ImageMagick
> and emacs-20.2.  I've expanded on the "Alpha bugs" section in the
> propsed release announcement :-)

Ah, I just ran into the emacs issue yesterday.  It's great that it's
fixed.  Our normal gcc-compiling-person will hopefully have the
pre-release pacakged soon.

>   > FAIL: tstring.cc compilation
>   > FAIL: tstring.cc -O compilation
> Hmmm, this worries me a little.  Then again, maybe this has been
> failing all along.

Is there anyone that you know of consistently running the test suite
against the compiler on Linux/Alpha?  If not, I'd certainly volunteer
to do this, if it's useful.  I guess I kind of figured that with RTH
here, it was probably covered.


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