bug with asm statment in egcs-1.0.2

Wolfram Gloger wmglo@dent.med.uni-muenchen.de
Thu Apr 23 02:49:00 GMT 1998

> No.  As I mentioned before.  1.0.3 is to fix problems for RedHat
> and that's it.  1.0.3 is already frozen unless RedHat runs into
> some kind problem in their final builds.

Sorry, but this sounds a bit worrysome.  There's _much_ more to egcs
usage than RedHat system builds.  If someone were to report a critical
bug (possibly with a 3-line patch) in 1.0.x now (with 1.1 unreleased,
and its release date understandably uncertain) causing, say, the Linux
kernel or glibc to be miscompiled, would you even consider be make an
egcs-1.0.x+1 release to fix it ?

If the answer is no, I would certainly not be in a position to
criticise that decision, however you should then clearly state that
bug reports for 1.0.x are useless (to me, this seems to be especially
true for C++ bugs).

Your valuable time is scarce and building new 1.0 releases takes time.
However, creating meaningful bug reports also takes lots of time.  It
would be a shame if all that time would be wasted; it also starts to
remind me of the long time when the point in gcc-2.7 bug reports was
rather questionable.

`Surf the sea, not double-u three...'

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