bug with asm statment in egcs-1.0.2

Peter Barada pbarada@wavemark.com
Tue Apr 21 19:10:00 GMT 1998

I found a bug in reg-stack.c:constrain_asm_operands when compiling the
following asm statment for i386:

  asm volatile  (".data;\t.align 4;.LP" "DLbuildtrap"
    ";\t.long 0;.text;\tmovel $.LP" "DLbuildtrap" ",%%edx;\tcall mcount"
    : /* No outputs */
    : /* No inputs */
    : "eax", "edx", "ecx", "st",
      "st(1)","st(2)","st(3)","st(4)","st(5)","st(6)","st(7)" );

with the flags '-O -fstrength-reduce -fsigned-char'

reg-stack.c:constrain_asm_operands() contains the following:

  for (j = 0; j < n_operands; j++)
    constraints[j] = operand_constraints[j];

  /* Compute the number of alternatives in the operands.  reload has
     already guaranteed that all operands have the same number of
     alternatives.  */

  n_alternatives = 1;
  for (q = constraints[0]; *q; q++)
    n_alternatives += (*q == ',');

But when n_operands is zero, then constraints[0] is bogus and it

If you add a test for n-operands before the for (q = contraints[0]; *q; q++)
then everything is fine...

  n_alternatives = 1;
  if (n_operands)
    for (q = constraints[0]; *q; q++)
      n_alternatives += (*q == ',');

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