Can we have egcs 1.0.3 please?

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Apr 18 22:14:00 GMT 1998

[ Note The change in cc-line, this is suitable for the egcs
  discussion list :-) ]

  In message <>you write:
  > There is no requirement that REG_N_REFS be exactly correct, and many
  > optimizations passes after flow don't bother to try to maintain it.
  > Thus the fact that REG_N_REFS is wrong is itself not necessarily a bug.
Jim is correct, except for one minor nit.

REG_N_REFS must never be zero if references to the register still
remain in the insn chain.  Other than that, REG_N_REFS can have
any value without effecting the correctness of the generated code.

Of course accurate REG_N_REFS is likely to lead to better register


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