egcs-1.0.2 installation -- bug (?)

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Apr 18 01:43:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > Markus Sicheneder <> said:
  > > Horst von Brand mentioned:
  > > > AFAIK, there has to be a pic directory in each of the directories into
  > > > which libraries are built, in this case I think it would be
  > > Well, the pic directories exist for the "libiberty" and the "libio", but
  > > not for the "libstc++" :-(
  > I'd call this a bug in the build process: If libwhatever/pic/ doesn't
  > exist, it should be created during the build.

Did anyone actually bug the problem to find out why the pic directories
weren't created in the first place?  (No, I haven't managed to read the
whole thread -- I'm looking for an exec summary :-)


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