problems with SCO Open Server.

Robert Lipe
Mon Apr 6 17:35:00 GMT 1998

Ruslan Shevchenko wrote:
> 1. texinfo is still break build.

THis has been discussed on the list before.   Patches have been disucssed,
though I'm unsure what percentage of them have been committed.

> 2. --enable-shared don't work.
>    (compiler say, that -mcoff and -fpic  can not be used in one time  on
> stage2)

I believe enable-shared to be unnecessary on OpenServer becuase we already
multilib everything in sight generating COFF, ELF, and ELF+PIC versions.
--enable-shared tries to 'dumb down' this logic and it loses.

If there's something specific that enable-shared does that you see isn't
being done by the default 'make bootstrap' on OpenServer, please provide


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