GNU Fortran (g77) Version 0.5.22 Released

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Apr 4 11:01:00 GMT 1998

  In message <>you write:
  > >>>>> "Jeff" == Jeffrey A Law <> writes:
  >  >> Could we keep a `vanilla' -- i.e. g77-0.5.22, at this stage -- g77 and
  >  >> libf2c release branch in the egcs repository, I guess including the
  >  >> `hot fixes', but probably not alpha test code?  (Or would this not be
  >  >> a good idea?)  I could maintain it, presumably.
  >  Jeff> Do you mean on a branch?  Or do you mean in the mainline sources?
  > A branch.
OK.  Yes, we can do this.

  >  Jeff> Getting it on a branch wouldn't be too hard....  In fact, 90% of
  >  Jeff> the work is already done :-)
  > Sorry, I probably have mis-read the tags (which perhaps aren't the
  > best named).  It looks as though the barnch is actually there.
Most of it is there.  The runtime directory wasn't imported under
gcc/f, but instead was imported in the libf2c toplevel dir.

If you want I can import it under gcc/f/runtime, it shouldn't be a
major problem (and it won't show up in the mainline tree).

Yes, the tags for importing and checking out the vendor branches
need some tweaking -- basically I goof'd the first import and
reversed the vendor branch tag and the vendor release tag.  I need
to do some reading to find out the best way to fix that problem.


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