New texinfo still breaks `make bootstrap`

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Apr 4 11:01:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > A lot texinfo related problems could be fixed simply by not building the
  > stuff we don't need.  For instance, this gets me past the texinfo build
  > problems others are reporting, though I don't know yet whether the resulting
  > makeinfo program works, my build is still going.
  > There was a similar change in the old EGCS texinfo sources.
  > 	Fri Oct 31 09:39:31 1997  Jeffrey A Law  (
  > 	* (install targets): Add a dummy target for sunos make.
  > 	(SUBDIR): Remove 'info'.  It's unneeded.
Part of the original idea behind not building certain things was
because our texinfo was horribly out of date and we didn't want to
build anything except the bare bones necessary to format the docs.
Similarly we tweaked make install to do nothing to avoid overwriting
a previously installed texinfo (which would probably have been newer
than the one egcs would install).

So the question at had is do we want to continue the the practice
of not building stuff we don't need and not installing texinfo?

I don't care much either way.


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