Joe Buck
Mon Sep 22 19:35:00 GMT 1997

I sent this to Neal, meant to send it to egcs.  Sorry.

> What's brik?

brik is a program that Rahul Dhesi wrote a long time ago (1989?) to do
checksums on source distributions.  It has the advantage that it isn't affected
by MS-DOS vs Unix text files.  It's GPLed.  I'm kinda surprised that it
isn't on an FSF site anywhere; the only place it can be found is on uunet
in one of the comp.sources archives, divided into about three shar files.

That ,brik file is an input to the brik program; it will check all of your
files and be sure the patch got applied right (modulo operator error in
making the ,brik file).

To save others the trouble I've gone through to find it, I've just put
brik2.tar.gz in .  I suggest that it be
moved to /pub/egcs/infrastructure .

Warning, it predates autoconf.  But it's fairly simple to build.
If some autoconf whiz wants to package it up like a GNU tool, that would
be nice, though there's the matter of copyright assignment (though since
Rahul works for himself I think he's have no problem giving one if asked).

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