sparc.c:save_regs() offsets passed to dwarf2 code

H.J. Lu
Sun Sep 21 15:28:00 GMT 1997

> I think all the functions exported by dwarf2out.c should be placed
> into a header file, so this nonsense need not be addressed ever again,
> and the next person on a 64-bit port using dwarf2 need not hit all the
> headaches I have over the past few days. ;-)

They are all in my gcc/egcs prototype patch. But I used the old
gcc prototype style:

extern xxxx foo PROTO((x, y));

instead of

extern xxxx foo			PROTO ((x, y));

and I don't have the time to reformat it. On my second thought, I will
just do it myself provided it is the ONLY change I have to make. I
seem to rememeber my kludge in my gcc prototype was rejected. I don't
know other simple way to work around it and I really don't have the
time to work on it further.

H.J. Lu (

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