testing consistency

Joe Buck jbuck@synopsys.com
Fri Sep 19 10:20:00 GMT 1997

> 	Its great that -O2 is used by default now.  But if we don't
> test the >O2 opts more, we can't expect them to get safe enough to
> use.

I agree *but* -- we must make sure that there is a set of flags that
is thoroughly and consistently tested.  I have no problem with people
running tests and fixing problems with other combinations, *as long as*
we have tests with "-g -O2" for as many platforms as possible.  Given
the exponential blowup in the number of possible combinations of flags,
we can pretty much guarantee that certain combinations of flags are
likely to produce a buggy gcc executable, so we also want to be able
to recommend to the public that they compile gcc with the flags we've
done the most testing on.

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