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Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Thu Sep 18 20:37:00 GMT 1997

  In message <oren6qtfsg.fsf@sunsite.dcc.unicamp.br>you write:
  > > The first step in this process is to get everyone to bootstrap in the
  > > same manner.  Is anyone else using the rough toplevel "bootstrap"
  > > target I posted last week?  Comments and improvements are definitely
  > > welcome!
  > I'm not using that bootstrap yet because it lacks some features I
  > really need:
  > 1) the ability to specify additional flags to be used to build gcc.  I
  > currently have to append a strtoul-related flag to CFLAGS and
  > BOOT_CFLAGS so that I can build g77 on SunOS 4.1.3, and I can only do
  > that by using the bootstrap target in the gcc directory.
I think the way to address this is to to get the magic strtoul stuff
defined automatically.  This has been in the back of my mind as a relatively
important issue to address before the release.

  > 2) the ability to continue a build from a given stage on, as I can do
  > with bootstrap2 & bootstrap3.
Certainly would be useful.

  > Also, I don't think bootstrap should make compare.  Maybe I'm just
  > used to the ol' gcc bootstrap behavior, but I don't think building gcc
  > has anything to do with comparing it.  Maybe make check should do
  > it...
We differ in our opinions.

As far as I'm concerned, _building_ gcc means 3-staging it and comparing
it (native platforms).  We need not be restricted by the old way of doing

  > Here's a patch that provides bootstrap[23] targets
I've added this part, but with BOOT_CFLAGS for now.

  > and removes the
  > BOOT_CFLAGS from the make invocation.  Doing this, BOOT_CFLAGS may be
  > overridden, and, if it is not, the default BOOT_CFLAGS from the gcc
  > Makefile will be used.
I'd really prefer not to make it too easy to override BOOT_CFLAGS; remember
we want both ourselves and the average joe using egcs to build in the
same manner -- making BOOT_CFLAGS easy to override defeats that purpose to
some extent.


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